Innovative Modular Lighting System by Choi + Shine Architects – The Bit Light

American firm Choi + Shine Architects have created an innovative modular lighting system named The BIT Light. It’s a new modular lighting system that provides an alternative means of adjusting the illumination level found with most lighting fixtures. Unlike traditional fixtures, the BIT Light consists of a collection of self-supporting illuminating modules (BITs) which can be simply added or removed by the end-user to increase or decrease the fixture’s brightness, without requiring technical skills or the help of specialists.innovative modular lighting system  Continue reading

Unique Plywood Armchair Collection from Piegatto – Pipo Chair

Guatemala manufacturer Piegatto present the unique plywood armchair collection named Pipo Chair. Designed by Alejandro Estrada, “the Pipo Chair is conceived as a wooden surface that integrates armchairs and seat from the same material. The idea is to create a monolithic piece from one material that opens in the outside and stretches in the center. The way you can see trough the armchairs gesture evokes a simple movement that lets light pass trough it”.unique plywood armchair collection Continue reading

Unique and Playful Wall Mounted Bar Cabinet by Splinter Works

Splinter Works have created a unique and playful wall mounted bar cabinet called Dime. The individual curved design, segmented panels of wood veneer, the Dime cabinet remind the look of a spinning coin. When closed it has a poetic repetition of form, softened by the texture of rosewood. Upon opening, the curved segments have a pleasing resistance, each contracting evenly until fully opened. The edges of the rosewood leaves are painted in a high gloss which highlights their shape. unique and playful wall mounted bar cabinet  Continue reading

Beautiful Christmas Wall Decals by WALLTAT

WALLTAT has created the beautiful Christmas wall decals. Made of self adhesive removable vinyl. They come with a paper backing and a clear transfer coating. They can be applied to any smooth surface such as walls, glass, furniture, appliances and more. WALLTAT uses high quality matte finish vinyl to give a custom painted look. The is bendable and can be cut with scissors to further customize its look. Christmas Wall Decals are a great way to decorate this holiday season. Easy installation and removal will help save time during the bustling holiday season. This design features unique Christmas theme with detail for a dimensional appearance. These beautiful Christmas wall decals can bring the magical spirit of the season into your home or office. Check out!beautiful Christmas wall decals Continue reading

Unique Expanding Round Table with Sophisticated Design

The Fletcher Capstan Table is a unique expanding round table with sophisticated design. Designed by David Fletcher, this round table is capable of automatically doubling its seating capacity whilst remaining truly circular in the process. Expansion leaves are stored within the table and are self positioning as the table changes from one mode and appearance to an entirely different one. Operation, which can either be manual or electronic, is simple and extremely quick.unique expanding round table with sophisticated design Continue reading