The Most Unique and Playful Seating Design by OGE Creative Group

Here is the most unique and playful seating design named Giant Birdsnest. Designed by OGE Creative Group, “The Giant birdsnest aka “Giant Birdsnest for creating new ideas” was conceived and created as a prototype for new and inspiring socializing space: a fusion of furniture and playground: A comfortable informal and sensual soft space. The wooden nest is filled with highly comfortable egg-shaped sitting poofs which allow ergonomic sitting positions and various configurations for informal meetings and social exchange”.the most unique and playful seating design  Continue reading

Unique and Minimalist Staircase Design by Francesco Librizzi & Matilde Cassani

Italian architects Francesco Librizzi and Matilde Cassani have created a unique and minimalist staircase design to connect the bottom level with a sleeping area above. This unique staircase design is part of Casa C, a recently renovated house in Milan. This unique minimalist staircase design to enrich the overall look of an old dwelling: “An original 1900 house where windows, doors and tiled floors survived to modernity. The only possible intervention was an almost-2D frame, able to double the space in height and create new possibilities on other layers.” says architects.unique and minimalist staircase design Continue reading

The Most Innovative and Beautiful Modern Floor Lamp by Sven Eberwein

Here is the most innovative and beautiful modern floor lamp named Cynara SLS. Designed by Studio Eberwein, Cynara SLS floor lamp translates organic aesthetics into a modern form language. The light intensity and the shape of the lampshade can be set individually by opening and closing the lamp. Cynara SLS designed with 3D printing right from the start and utilizes the possibilities of this modern manufacturing technique in a highly innovative way. the most innovative and beautiful modern floor lamp Continue reading

Exquisite and Classy Bedroom Furniture Collection from Huppé – Kosy

Quebec-based Huppé presents an exquisite and classy bedroom furniture collection named Kosy. Designed by Karim Rashid, The Kosy collection brings together wood, leather, and glass to create a bedroom collection that not only fits their bill, but falls in line with Rashid’s aesthetic.
exquisite and classy bedroom furniture collection Continue reading

Unique and Colorful Duvet Covers from Society6

Are you looking for the unique and colorful duvet covers for your bedroom? Society6 introduced colorful duvet covers with unique design which hand sewn and meticulously crafted. These unique duvet covers vividly feature your favorite designs with a light cream reverse side. A durable and hidden zipper offers simple assembly for easy care – machine washable with cold water on gentle cycle with mild detergent. Available for queen and king duvets.
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