Simple Geometric Dining Table by – X Table

Here is a simple geometric dining table named X Table. Designed by Kraków-based, X Table is a dining table with top made ​​of oak laminate. Legs in the shape of the letter X made ​​of powder coated steel in the selected color. The countertop is finished with hardwax-oil which creates a smooth, natural and durable surface.simple geometric dining table  Continue reading

Unique Hand Blown Glass Pendant Lamp with Metal Forms

Here is a unique hand blown glass pendant lamp with metal forms named Crystal Wonderland. Designed by Sasamat Creative, Crystal Wonderland is a series of hand blown glass objects. The volumes are created by blowing hot glass into metal forms derived from folded paper sculptures. The glass is then filled and illuminated with neon gas. Crystal Wonderland is designed to be interactive. The neon gas responds to touch creating an unexpected, unique, sensory-based visual experience on the outside of the glass volume. ( Photo credit: Eric Saczuk )unique hand blown glass pendant lamp with metal forms Continue reading

Unique Steel Tubing Rocking Chair with Classic Design from Two Makers

Andrew Mcdonald and Simon Taylor ( Two Makers ) have created a unique steel tubing rocking chair with classic design named Randonneur Chair. Inspired by classic hand-built racing and touring bicycles manufactured by the master Constructeurs of the 1940s, the Randonneur Chair is handcrafted from Reynolds 631 tubing, hardwood and bicycle saddle leather. Using bicycle geometries and traditional frame-building techniques, it is both a celebration of cycling and of bespoke British craftsmanship.unique steel tubing rocking chair with classic design Continue reading

Innovative and Cleverly Cabinet Design by Sebastian Errazuriz – Samurai Cabinet

Here is an innovative and cleverly cabinet design named Samurai Cabinet. Designed by Sebastian Errazuriz, Samurai Cabinet has almost 400 individually movable keels construct a flexible skin which allows its contents to be accessed from any angle. The small spear shaped pieces allow its shape to shift and change depending on the positions in which they are arranged.innovative and cleverly cabinet design Continue reading

Beautiful Folded Plywood Lounge Chair with Simple and Practical Design

Andrea Kordos and Tony Round, both from blackLAB have created a beautiful folded plywood lounge chair with simple and practical design named the Origami Chair. Inspired by papercraft, this lounge chair is not only simple and practical, but it have a beautiful design. The origami chair’s nest-like shape is generous and ergonomic, while the thin baltic birch shell keeps it efficient and minimal. The facets of the shell are connected with piano hinges – this give the chair some flex for added comfort.The thin shell sits on top of an elegantly folded steel frame. You can choose your finish in natural walnut veneer or 3 bright, solid-colour laminates.beautiful folded plywood lounge chair with simple and practical design Continue reading