Unique and Creative Carpet Design by Florian Pucher – LANDCARPET

Designer Florian Pucher has created a unique and creative carpet design called LANDCARPET. Inspired by an aerial view of a landscape, Florian Pucher took memories of his journeys and transferred them into the design of these comfortable carpets “I have always loved to travel and tried to always get window seats on planes,” explained Pucher.unique and creative carpet design  Continue reading

Creative Modern Table Lamp by BIG-GAME – HAMMER lamp

BIG-GAME in collaboration with Wiener Silber Manufactur have designed a creative modern table lamp named HAMMER lamp. “The HAMMER lamp combines up-to-date lighting technology and traditional craftsmanship. The foot of the lamp is made from aluminum and incorporates a compact led light source. It holds a solid silver or gold-plated silver reflector that can be tilted in order to adjust the angle of the light”.creative modern table lamp Continue reading

Exquisite Wood and Metal Dining Table from Formabilio – Duale

Italian furniture brand Formabilio introducing an exquisite wood and metal dining table named Duale. Designed by Luca Binaglia, this dining table has an extremely versatile and contemporary look. Original and modern, its secret lies in the double-face wooden top. exquisite wood and metal dining table Continue reading

Cute Modern Table Lamp with Animal Shaped by Formzoo

An innovative product design cosultancy based in Brisbane, Australia, Formzoo has created a cute modern table lamp with animal shaped named Richard. This table lamp is a combination of shock-art and lighting, this stylish dog-shaped luminaire features a light source in a rather cheeky location. Cute modern, his crisp geometric surfaces have been designed with minimal, industrial, and urban spaces in mind. Better yet, the design is customizable as a canvas for drawing with pens, pencils, crayons and markers for a look that’s all your own. cute modern table lamp with animal shaped  Continue reading

The Most Unique and Innovative Plywood Stool by Andrea Quiros-Balma

Here is the most unique and innovative plywood stool named Trio. Designed by graduate of Art and Design from Savannah College, Andrea Quiros-Balma, Trio, a sculptural stool made of three symmetrical pieces of bent plywood that connect together into a jointless minimal form. The way in which these three shapes support each other to be a sturdy stool someone can actually sit on.the most unique and innovative plywood stool  Continue reading