Unique Wooden Chair by Sentient – Locust Wood Chair

Sentient introducing a unique wooden chair called Locust Wood Chair. Designed by Nersi Nasseri, Locust Wood Chair a unique chair using a vertical locust slab as both leg and backrest. The locust wood log provided the designer inspiration to create a unique chair design. Nersi Nasseri added some design to the composition so set against nature, s log constructed a curved seat with tapered legs. The result is a chair that will work for both formal and contemporary settings. unique wooden chair  Continue reading

Unique and Cute Rug Design by Permafrost Studio – Bear Hug

Permafrost Studio has created a unique and cute rug design named Bear Hug. This rug is a tessellation, meaning that the identical shapes fit together gaplessly. New bears can be added in every direction, covering an entire floor if needed. To learn more about Bear Hug by visiting at Permafrost Studio. unique and cute rug design  Continue reading

Unique Luxury Chair Design with Animal Theme by Maximo Riera

Spanish artist Maximo Riera has created a unique luxury chair design with animal theme called the Hippopotamus Chair. The extravagant and almost surreal chair design make us constantly wonder what the designer will come up with next. The Hippopotamus Chair adds up to the line of majestic seating units.
unique luxury chair design with animal theme  Continue reading

Awesome Carbon Fiber Sofa by Matthew Strong

Architect and designer Matthew Strong has created an awesome carbon fiber sofa called Carbon Fiber Eames Sofa. This sofa is very attractive because it has a beautiful pattern like woven bamboo. awesome carbon fiber sofa  Continue reading

Unique Home Office Desk by Codalangi – Ring Desk

Codalangi has created a unique home office desk named the Ring Desk. A contemporary wooden desk with a very innovative feature: a built in lamp with a solid wood shade. There’s a drawer to tuck away all your cords, neat and tidy. And light over the work surface, exactly where you need it. Not just as a means of illumination, but practical and beautify the desk.unique home office desk  Continue reading