The Most Unique Furniture Collection Made Of Laminated Birch Veneer

Danish architect and furniture designer, Peter Qvist presents the most unique furniture collection made of laminated birch veneer. These pieces combine advanced 3D modelling with superior craftsmanship together generate this unique furniture collection – you can see it at the pictures below. the most unique furniture collection made of laminated birch veneer Continue reading

Unique Bathroom Faucet with Industrial Style by Watermark

Watermark presents the unique bathroom faucet with industrial style called the Elan Vital Collection. It’s a really one of the unique bathroom faucet collection out there. The entire collection can be totally customized: width, height, number of elbows and finishes. It’s so suited to the loft life, but would fit in any setting – contemporary or traditional. And they are just so neat – they can’t help but wind up being the focal point in any bathroom design.unique bathroom faucet with industrial style Continue reading

Fashionable Benches and Chairs Collection from thecraftlab – Sky

thecraftlab by Irina Neacsu presents the fashionable benches and chairs collection named Sky. These pieces inspired by nature and by the urban landscapes of Romania. The Sky collection represents the development of a newly charted direction in the creation of thecraftlab: the home & decorating items are now being personalized by the means of digital prints of Irina Neacsu’s paintings, inspired by emotions gathered during her travels.fashionable benches and chairs collection Continue reading

Unique Table Lamp Collection Made Of Marble and Brass

Here is a unique table lamp collection made of marble and brass named D/Light. Designed by Dan Yeffet for French company Collection Particuliere, D/Light is a subtil and sophisticated review of the traditional portable lamp, D/light is an acrobat, a golden cage in search of freedom. D/Light is a luminous nugget. A charmingly ambiguous nomad piece with a sliced marble base and a thin brass armature. Each of its rays is an intriguing reflection set.unique table lamp collection made of marble and brass Continue reading

Wooden Sofa Bed Inspired by Nordic Furniture

Dorme is a wooden sofa bed inspired by Nordic furniture. Designed by Norwegian designer Silje Nesdal, the Dorme sofa bed has an ash frame and is upholstered in a reversible Kvadrat fabric. It’s developed for multiple uses that can be changed according to functional requirements through user involvement and play.
wooden sofa bed inspired by Nordic furniture Continue reading