Innovative Natural Wood Bookshelf Combined with Resin by Alcarol

Italian design duo Alcarol introducing an innovative natural wood bookshelf combined with resin called Undergrowth. This bookshelf is a self-supporting structure looking for utmost essentiality, giving the sections of the mossy log the effect of being suspended in the air. With its apparently precarious balance, it is a refined dispute between visual instability and actual stability.
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Practical and Compact Wall Shelves Collection by Form Us With Love

Form Us With Love has created a practical and compact wall shelves collection named Cage. Designed for Menu, Cage Collection is a new solution for storing and arranging everyday objects – two practical cage units, including a mirror and shelf with a cage, suitable for any wall area. practical and compact wall shelves collection  Continue reading

Sleek and Elegant Wooden Desk Design by Liam Treanor – Lina Desk

Designer Liam Treanor has created a sleek and elegant wooden desk design named Lina desk. This desk is a part of Santiago collection, the Lina desk features elegantly angled turned legs that enhance the visual effect of the tapering legs. Its slender appearance is complimented by a drawer which is tactfully suspended from the oak or ash surface. The legs twist into place for ease of movement into and around the house, while providing straightforward and strong assembly. Lina Desk available for purchase with price £875.00.sleek and elegant wooden desk design  Continue reading

Sustainable Modern Sofa Made From Cork by Lucie Koldova – Corques

Czech designer Lucie Koldova has created a sustainable modern sofa made from cork for Belgian design brand Per/Use. The Corques sofa is made out of cork – an impermeable, elastic and fire resistant material with varied applications. This sustainable cork comes from production leftovers in Portuguese bottle cork factories. The sofa is defined by a strong, sparkling design; soft look going hand in hand with a timeless character and environmental awareness. A curvaceous, organic outer contour combines the earthly coloured cork with the contrasting colourful Divina fabric from Kvadrat. Corques comes in double seater sofa and armchairs.sustainable modern sofa made from cork  Continue reading

Fascinating Natural Stone Furniture Collection by Natalie Weinmann – Samt-Rau

Hamburg-based designer Natalie Weinmann has created fascinating natural stone furniture collection named Samt-Rau. “This work is an approach to embody the fascinating versatility of natural stone and reify it in different ways. It is a continuation project for QUIET POWERFUL ETERNAL from 2013″.fascinating natural stone furniture  Continue reading