Beautiful Wooden Pendant Lamp by Siren Elise Wilhelmsen – Kvelden

Norwegian designer Siren Elise Wilhelmsen has created a beautiful wooden pendant lamp named Kvelden. Kvelden is the Norwegian word for evening and the main inspiration for the lamp. The evening is the time of day when light turns into dark, day into night and forms into silhouettes. It is also the time of day when the electric light truly comes to use. The lamp is coated black on the outside, but has kept its natural wooden color on the inside. Through the all-wooden construction it makes a warm and comfortable light, which brings associations to the Norwegian landscape and the wooden houses.beautiful wooden pendant lamp  Continue reading

Unique Small Floor Lamp Made Of Marble and Blown Glass

Israeli designer Dan Yeffet has created a unique small floor lamp made of marble and blown glass named Torch Lamp. Crafted in marble with hand blown glass this edition consist 2 version, white Carrara marble with white opaline glass diffuser and transparent glass top and BLACK negro Marquina marble with opaline glass diffuser and a smoky grey glass top. It’s the first piece in a new series of objects he’s developing with the same design story.
unique small floor lamp made of marble and blown glass Continue reading

Unusual Wooden Chair Design with Two Legs by Benoit Malta

Industrial design Benoît Malta has designed an unusual wooden chair design with two legs called - Inactivité – part I. The aim of this project is to avoid as much as possible stationary postures and promote mobility, is to raise awareness of people about their bodies. With two legs and a light that switches itself off in an effort to tackle the lack of physical activity in modern lifestyles.unusual wooden chair design  Continue reading

Multifunctional Kids Furniture with Cute Design by Torafu Architects

Torafu Architects have designed a multifunctional kids furniture with cute design named Dice. This furniture can be used by young children up until they reach adulthood by rolling it over like a dice. This multi-purpose piece of furniture can be used in three different ways depending on which side it is rested. For example, in “desk for young children” mode, dice becomes a desk with a built-in chair that offers an intimate space like that of a small room. By turning it over to the side with the wide fan-shaped surface facing upwards, dice becomes a “stool” on which an adult can sit. multifunctional kids furniture with cute design Continue reading

Unique and Innovative Lounge Chair Design by Mika Barr and Producks

Poli is the unique and innovative lounge chair design that designed by textile designer Mika Barr, of Mikabarr in collaboration with design studio Producks. Poli lounge chair is made from a single spread of this innovative textile for the seat, back-rest and arm-rests exploiting the fabric extras for folding that create a new aesthetic and a comfort lounge chair. In this process, the fabric has an active part in the creation of the final form, making it both planned and natural. unique and innovative lounge chair design  Continue reading